About Native Powwow Drums

tribal-spirit-musicWe are Robert and Joywind, a family business working out of the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. We came together nearly 20 years ago, having both experienced unique and demanding life lessons. For the past decade, we have applied our skills and dedication to building native spiritual tools and sharing on the powwow trail.

We have a busy schedule which includes drum making workshops, conferences, recording powwow drum groups, under the Tribal Spirit Fair Trade Music label, pounding black ash for baskets, harvesting hides in the fall and of course, traveling powwows all over north america. We have recently added a new e-commerce web site www.tribalspiritmusic.comin order to buy online and make picking your drum easier....all these products are in stock ready to go....

Each year during hunting season we gather wild deer and moose hides from hunters who hunt for food but have no use for the skins. We collect the skins, preserve them and then process them into leather and raw hide which we use for all of our powwow drums, hand drums and leather work. We offer these wild  hides to our clients/friends as both moose and deer Raw Hide and Leather. This old style recycling is the starting place for our work as it reminds us that we are connected to all things. We hope that you appreciate the “wild” nature of our work and we thank the spirits who help us.

native-powwow-drumsOur Powwow Drums are visually and audibly recognizable. We use only the thickest moose and steer hides to ensure the strongest most profound bass possible. Our solid wood frames are built with selectively cut trees, (pine, cedar, cherry and butternut) and are built for a lifetime of challenges on the powwow trail. We have been sponsors of the Gathering of Nations singing contest, the Powwow Idol competition as well as many other Powwow Drum and Hand Drum Competitions.

We build Hand Drums for many different needs. As drum makers we have learned the subtile differences between the various drums required by the north american native community such as Round Dance, Women's Songs, Healing Drums, Sweat Lodge Drums etc. Feel free to ask us about their differences and about your needs.