Wild Deer and Moose Leather and Raw Hide

Each year throughout North America thousands of wild animal skins are thrown out because there is little commercial use for wild hides. Because the supply is limited to the hunting season, tanneries cannot generally afford to take on the processing. There is also increasing pressure on North American tanneries because of our strict environmental protection policies , while there are virtually none in off-shore tanneries. We have found a local canadian tannery that was willing to tan them for us and we offer them to you through our creations.

leather-mooseNEW FOR 2012:
Hand Drum Kits: Within our community folks want to have the experience of making their own drum. The problem with that is that drum making is an art that takes lots of experience to make a great drum.....We make great drums,,,,so Why not GREAT Drum Kits? We have learned over the years where most hand drums fail, poorly selected hide, holes punched too close to the perimeter of the hide and poor quality lacing or too thin lacing. So.....Our Hand Drum Kits fix all of those problems....all you have to do is soak the hide over night and pull your own drum. (Pulling is the easy part...lol)
Our drum include: a old fasion steamed/bent white ash drum hoop, one deer circle (large enough to go up and over the back of the frame), we punch the holes, perfect lacing enough to pull the drum and build a handle similar to our design. We will even email you some tips so that you can lead your own drum making workshop.

We decided this year to increase our collection. SO as of now we are offering Deer and Moose Raw Hide. The Deer are larger (12 to 15 sq ft) than normal and I will select clean/no hole hides....

Moose Rawhide for Powwow Drums!!! Where we live hunters ALWAYS quarter the moose in order to get them out of the bush....So for a big drum you will need 2 quarters (one for each side) and one more for lacing. So Raw Hide of one powwow drum (3 pieces) are $250. Please measure the diameter of your drum and I will ensure that the quarters I select fit your drum. (Max size 28" diameter, sorry our quarters don't come any bigger) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

During the 2011 hunting season, we gathered about 1500 deer and 800 moose hides which would have been thrown out.

We live in a region of Quebec where people have been hunting for centuries, and still hunt the local wild animals to feed their families. These animals were not wasted in any form. We then carefully salt them to prevent rotting before the tanning process.

deer-leather-hand-drumsWe then pile them on wooden pallets and, at the end of the season, we ship them via transport to a wonderful tannery. 

About 6 weeks later, we gather the fruits of our labour. Generally, we get one half processed into raw hide for our drums and the other half tanned into leather for our creations and for sale to our customers. Because we are working with our own recuperated hides, we have a greater control over the quality of our product.

Good powwow drums require very thick hides to get the best sound. To achieve this, we sort through our gathered moose hides for the thickest ones to use on our powwow drums. The same goes for our moose sweat lodge hand drums. (Moose hide is used for sweat lodge drums because it is much more resistant to the humidity of the sweat lodge.) These are specialty drums and need a thin moose hide. A normal moose hide will twist and destroy the frame of a hand drum when it dries.