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powwowdrums-tribalNative Powwow Drums

Spiritually Crafted Native Drums
Our name, Tribal Spirit is synonymous with unique, superbly hand crafted native art that is both beautiful and functional. Our passion is to build the spiritual tools required by the First Nations community, especially powwow drums and hand drums.


Native Powwow Drums & Hand Drums

Our specialty is traditional native powwow drums which are being played by many of the best most original powwow drum groups throughout North America. We also make native hand drums, drum sticks, dreamcatchers, rattles, medicine shields, staffs, fans, leather bags, medicine pouches and black ash baskets.

All Drums Made from Natural Animal Hides

Each year during hunting season we gather hides from hunters who are eating the meat but throwing the hides away. We are now offering Deer and Moose Raw Hide, as well as Buffalo Hide when available. The Deer are larger (12 to 15 sq ft) than normal and we carefully select clean/no hole hides.

Other native crafts people buy hides from us. Where we live hunters always quarter the moose in order to get them out of the bush....So for a big powwow drum you will need 2 quarters (one for each side) and one more for lacing. So Raw Hide of one powwow drum (3 pieces) are $500. Please measure the diameter of your drum and I will ensure that the quarters I select fit your drum. (Max size 28" diameter, sorry our quarters don't come any bigger) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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