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native-fair-trade-musicUnder our record label, Tribal Spirit Music we have recorded many of today's most popular native drum bands including a Tribe Called Red, Chippewa Travellers, a Tribe Called Mi'kmaq, Smoke Trail, Sheldon Sundown, Black Bear, and Eastern Eagle. All available from us in hard copy or for download at our main music and powwow drum site.

Tribal Spirit Fair Trade Music
New For the 2012 Powwow Season:

Black Bear: Spring Medicine

Smoke Trail: A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Chippewa Travellers: Love/Zagadwin

Sheldon Sundown: The Hand Drum Session


In 2011 we released these albums:

  • A Tribe Called Mi'kmaq: We Hounor The Water
  • Winner: Best Contemp. Powwow Album, Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards
  • Smoke Trail: A Long Red Road
  • Winner: Best Tradish Powwow Album, Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards
  • Black Bear: Out Of Hibernation
  • Winner: Best Contemp. Powwow Album, Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards
  • Eastern Eagle: Softer Side (hand drum)

You can purchase and download all of our music! We are the first native site to offer this service. Buy and download CD's online www.tribalspiritmusic.com Only 9.99$

As Native Drum Makers we began recording Powwow Drum Groups with one of the first groups to play our powwow drums; Black Bear from Manawan, Quebec. The CD Akwesasne Live went on to be nominated for the 2008 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. We were beaten by Northern Cree, but the boys from Black Bear were thrilled just to be nominated.

recording-native-musicOver our life experience we have developed a strong belief in fair economic development and have gained friends in many different creative professions. This combination led us to begin recording Native Music.

Native  Musicians are blossoming all over Turtle Island. The old and new songs are just pouring in. We saw that one of the biggest blocks for this musical and creative expression was the musicians' ability to economically afford to be as great as they could be. Especially for large drum groups, the cost of travelling with their families all over North America can bring even the best, most talented group to a stop.

Tribal Spirit facilitates the production of a CD by bringing together Errol Francis, and a good friend, Gustavo (who is a graphic designer).
Without contracts or a large outlay of cash, we work together with the artists to produce a very high quality CD and cover. This helps groups to continue to sing and excel (with no crazy $ buy backs). In the end, the musicians and Tribal Spirit share in the residual benefits of our combined efforts.

The notion of Fair Trade products has a long history in the developing world. We believe that good trade means that both sides of the partnership must come out on top.

In June 2010 we proudly released CDs from two groups that we have worked with for years. Eastern Eagle Rezonation and Chippewa Travellers All My Relations.
At the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards both cds we nominated in the category of Best Traditional Powwow Album. Chippewa Travellers was also nominated for best album cover. (didn't win damb,,,,BUT)
In November 2010 at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, Chippewa Travellers won Best Album Cover and Best Traditional Powwow Album!


Tribal Spirit Fair Trade Music is available through us, in the arbor directly from the groups or online
Buy online at www.tribalspiritmusic.com or at itunes as well as all other online music suppliers.